Hope Springs Eternal

I started dating again. Not *real* dating. But I've gone on two lunch dates and met a guy for coffee. 3 different men in the last few weeks.

I actually caught myself looking at the last guy's watch as I sipped my cappuccinno.

I seriously want to find real lasting love but I hate the whole looking for it bit. Each one of those guys is and will remain a first date only.

The first one didn't ask me one personal question, nor answer any of mine directly. He just kept going on and on about his work situation and what an idiot his boss was.

The second date was with a gentleman (and I use the term loosely) who wanted to talk about all the bizarre sexual things he had seen on the internet whilst acting like he was embarrassed by such things. I suspect the truth was he was gauging my reaction. My reaction was basically a blank stare as if it was all perfectly normal.

Mr. Double Latte bored me by trying to prove his masculinity to me by all the road rage incidents and fights he had gotten into. Bad boy from Brooklyn. yeah right. He was barely bigger than me and not a callous on his hands. He used to be rich he says but the women pretty much used up his money. (Like I care) To say the least....I remained unimpressed.

During this time another guy tried to impress me by saying he was a cop. Turned out the truth was he was a former security guard and was now trying to get disability because the bump he got on his head during an arrest had somehow given him brain damage but he can manuever a blackberry like no one's business. BTW he lives with his mother. Needless to say the more I got to know the less I wanted to know and I politely declined his request for a date.

I would kill for a construction guy with a conscience at this point. How about a factory worker? I'd date a real cop or even a business man or engineer/scientist type if their ego wasn't too big. Are there any single farmers out there? Where oh where is average (and almost normal) Joe?

How do I meet all these other weirdos?

I keep hoping.... I keep trying.... I just hate all the dating.


What's it all mean?

I found this so fascinating that I am posting it on all my blogs. Seriously. Answer the question at the end if you want....I'm interested on your take on this. What's it all mean?