Trust V. Love

Have you ever wished that you were not quite as intelligent as you are?

People say ignorance is bliss and some days I think they are right.

There is a person whom I care about that is constantly trying to pull the wool over my eyes, so to speak. The problem is I can see right through the wool and I am insulted and hurt by these actions. So I called this person out on it and that person seems to think that "I'm sorry" is somehow enough.

Its not the first time this has occurred. I don't know what is enough.

I just know that "I'm sorry" doesn't cover lies and manipulation for me. It doesn't wash the insult to my pride that the opinion that person held of me was so low as to consider me ignorant.

 "I'm sorry" has nothing to do with it.

I'm sorry too. I'm sorry this person failed me.

I find myself actually wishing I didn't have such high standards of morality and ethical behavior, because my life would be easier if I didn't.

I'm sorry for being a good person....and that's just wrong on so many levels. No one should want to lower their standards for the sake of friendship. Friendship should make us want to be better people, not lesser people.

I want to care about this person but I don't know how to rebuild the trust.

Love seems to be about emotions. Trust, has to be earned....and once lost, it has to be earned back.

Which is more valuable?

Betrayal sucks.