Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty. ~Sicilian Proverb


I have a love hate thing with them....the real ones and the fantasy ones. Even when I know they would only take the life from me...  
I stretch out my neck in invitation.....

It all sounds so sexy doesn't it? the fantasy world.

In my real world I find these people all the time. They don't have fangs or piercing eyes...they have needs and problems and they want me to fix them.

Never mind that I have my own or that my family needs me too. I'm learning how to say "No" though. Learning the hard way actually. A few friendships have ended when I stopped the blood flow, though most have been understanding. That's a good thing really.

Eventually the wounds will heal and the sun will come out.

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mrs. miss alaineus said...

true friends will also help keep you from getting your knees too dirty...

how's life and tricks? my blog moved down the street but the song remains the same.