age old question.

Why are men so afraid of intimacy? I don't want a man who avoids serious issues or is afraid to feel real emotion. I may not want a cry baby but I damn well want a reaction. I think most women have the same complaint. I'm sooooo sick of little boys.


Remo said...

FWIW I think alot of men associate showing their emotions with when they were young boys under their Mothers wing. It tends to make most guys feel emasculated and we generally don't see any worth coming from dealing in the emotional end of things.

Get a bigger hammer kind of stuff.

Cathy said...

I think if you look at what intimacy really is, you can answer your own question. Knowing deep and private things about a person can either bring them closer or turn us off. Most boys are raised to take charge, in some way, and can't afford the price intimacy asks - a private knowledge of peoples' wants, desires, dreams, schemes and fears. It's more a distaste of intimacy than fear, for many men once involved closely with a partner actually blossom, their better nature emerges and they are more fulfilled. Men act like boys I think because it's like comfort food - it's something they know will sooth a confused ego. They remember the rewards of boyhood, and mostly, the LACK of responsibility. Grown, too much is expected of these guys, and let's face it, we women are partly to blame. If we stop expecting certain traits in a man, we might be happier with what we have. Because frankly, I doubt it'll change anytime soon.

Sydney said...

Joining the crowd on this one.