Hot and Cold

Maybe I'm just stupid. I don't understand all this hot and cold shit that men do.

I want a certain amount of stability and comfort in my relationships.

I want to feel like I am where I am wanted.

I want to count on truth.

I hate stereotypical stuff. I keep finding it though.

Men chase after me. Sometimes it even gets on my nerves with all their bold words and impossible promises. They think nothing of interupting my schedule during this chase. Its like I can't be anymore than I am and they can't get enough of that. Once I accept them it quickly cools. Usually I find this stage, initially, quite a relief. Its certainly less pressure and potential embarrassment.

The part I don't like is the last part. The part where I don't matter.

Usually that is where I dump them without an opportunity for reparation.

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Michael said...

I agree, one should never settle. There are some men who are not 'mama's boys' not into games, don't think the 'C' word is a dirty word (get your minds out of the gutter:)). I was thinking commitment' for when you do find someone compatible.. intellectually, friendship, sexually and more it can equal bliss!