An unopened gift.

There's a lot of love in the world.

There's a lot of love in me.

The thing is we waste love by not using it. Love isn't any good just sitting in our hearts. We have to put it out into the world.

It needs a recipient to work its magic.

If its not given, and when its not taken, it can turn into ugly festering things.

I tried to give mine away recently. For him I think it turned into self centeredness and narcissm. Not the stuff you usually think about but more a self protective shell that insured that he would not need another for fulfilment. Truth be told, I probably made him that way.

To me it is sad, and a little painful to have my efforts rejected.

Sometimes when one doesn't know what to do, one does nothing and that is the worst thing of all.

For me, it is the frustration of being left holding a wondrous gift that was never even opened because the recipient neither seen the need for such a gift nor acknowledged the desire for it. I truly think it is what he most needed.

I still have my gift but it remains unopened and on a shelf for the time being. It taunts my pride but even that doesn't change the beauty that outshines the packaging.

Someone will want this gift one day, and I'm glad that I still have it.

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