Middle of the night pep talks.

I like routine.

I like it when things happen in an orderly fashion.

Unfortunately with the speed my life has been changing these days, its been a bit messy.

I'm cleaning up and organizing on many levels at work and home both. It keeps me up at night sometimes. I find myself in that limbo between sleep and waking and I wish I were coherent enough to make out lists.

Somehow though that weird midwaking is helping me keep mental lists even if I can't consciously write them out.

Things are getting done. Not all things, but most things and all urgent matters.

This is good. I may be catching the eggs just before they hit the floor....but I am catching them.

I find myself praying as I walk around the parking lot during my cigarrette break (yeah...God knows I smoke). I think it helps. I can lean on higher power instead of counting on myself.

Somehow I keep finding the right answers. Somehow I keep finishing the day before the next begins...

I'll be glad when normalcy returns though.

I miss order.

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