No appreciation

Some days I'm a bitch and some days....I'm even worse.

My BF is great. Lately I have been extremely overworked between home and career. Overwhelmed even.

I've been upset because my house isn't clean, but I've also been trying to prove myself in an unfamiliar, ever changing career position. He's been a rock. He helped me clean my house today. I'm grateful.

Really I am....just....sometimes....  

I just want to be alone.

See I have problems sleeping.

There is this part of me that needs....ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a couple of hours without ANY breathing human around me before I can sleep whenever I am stressed out.

Unfortunately he is a living breathing human.

I'm annoyed because this little bit of me is almost too weird to explain to a guy....but it makes me crazy ....him wanting to help me on work nights.

I try to be normal about it and accept his help cheerfully.

I must have been convincing.

He stayed here and napped on my chair for an hour before he left.

I kept thinking *Why doesn't he just go????* I'd be that much closer to my bedtime then..... I didn't say it though.

I'm trying real hard to give this an honest to goodness chance of working. He's a good man.

The thing is.... I just want to live with the mess until I have time to deal with it.

Meanwhile....sleep would be good.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I have the same problem, After all is said and "done", I need to rest and I can't rest with a snuggler.


Martha said...

Oh God - I have the same problem and I've been married for 15 years! Drinking helps ;-)

emmapeelDallas said...

LOL @ Martha. See, this is why, for me, a long distance romance is really appealing. I find men are more needy than we women, most of the time.

Good post!