The Dating Game

Well the dating games seem to be kind of stagnant.

I've had a few more of my coffee/drink dates since I last wrote. The men are getting better, I'm not saying that just because I'm dying to get physical again either. Two dates were *set ups* and one was from the internet, I never met any of them before. All of them were gentlemen and perfect companions, but while I would hope to keep them for friends if they have time and I have time....I can't see anything deeper springing from those meetings.

I did meet one guy for soda who seems interesting but shy. I wonder if he might be a better date after we know each other for a while. Not likely though. I'm surprised he had the courage to ask if I would meet him.

I also *hung out* with an old friend who wishes for more. I still don't feel *that* way about him, we're still friends though.

The only so-called *date* I was hyped about didn't happen. The guy spoke with me on the phone one time, indicated that he would like to go out with me, then never called again. I texted him my regular email....maybe he just didn't really like the person he called. Bummer. I liked him. Guess it works both ways sometimes. I thought about calling him and finding out why but I suspect he would think I am some crazed stalker rather than simply curious.

These early meetings are more like job interviews than dates anyway. Its so stressful. I usually try to keep it casual at first (probably a contributing factor to the non-caller since I didn't jump on his dinner date at a fairly upscale restaurant). I think that is the best way to meet get a little closer to the real person in a relaxed setting without a lot of focus on perfect manners and the eventual cost.

Even then it feels more like a mutual interview. *What do you do for fun?* Hobbies? What do you like? What do you do for a living? (have to be real careful with that one or you sound like you are a gold digger) Do you like your work? How many Seriously, sometimes I think we both should be taking notes! Sometimes they ask about sexual practice these days too.

There has to be a better way to meet single men! I can't do the bar fly thing either. Despite the recent urban legends....I don't have any luck at the grocery store either. I like activities. If you suggest to a guy to grab a coffee and lets take a walk along the East Race though....well crazy isn't the least of the descriptors they are thinking. I always mention I like the College Football Hall of Fame and the Studebaker Museum. I like any museum really....but at a first meeting? It just doesn't happen.

I think it would be less stressful, easier and more honest if people did something other than sit ramrod straight and try to keep a conversation going on with a perfect stranger for 2 hours over a soda, beer or coffee. I hate to think about spending my life alone but sometimes I do.

Dating was a lot more fun when I was a teenager.


Donna said...

I'm so glad I'm old and married. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Char said...

Tressa, you are a pretty lady and it will happen. Just be careful and have patience. Take care and good luck.