A Perfect First Date

Ok...this one is written for the guys who have emailed me and said things like "I have no idea what you women want" or "Its a different world baby..." etc....

I had a perfect first date tonight. It lasted approximately 2 1/2 hours. Enough time to show me his basic humanity, a glimmer of his sense of humor and develop a curiosity in me to learn more about him.

We met at a restaurant ON TIME. I can not emphasise enough that it was ON TIME. He was not there early scoping the women who entered out in case I wasn't up to what he thought I should be nor was he late, making sure that I was there first in a game of *lets see who is most important*.

He was perfectly charming at the door and met me with a smile and a hug. He did not try to feel me up.

He opened the doors and then allowed me to pass him and to choose where we sat. Good manners. He didn't muddle very long over the menu and allowed me to order for myself (it would also have been acceptable if he took my order and relayed it for me).

He wasn't worried about perfect table manners but he also was not a pig. He offered me a taste of his dinner and I politely declined, but it was nice to be offered. I offered him some of mine too. I should have offered sooner because he was full by then. Its been a while since I've been on a real date. I have to brush up on my niceties.

After dinner we went for a drive. He was very entertaining and talkative along the way. I did not have to handle the conversation by myself. He kept his flirtations lightweight and only danced on the edge of attraction, while still making it clear that he was attracted to me.

I definitely felt very sexy with his eyes all over me but it wasn't like he was leering y'know. Since I am still trying to lose a few pounds I put on after my last crisis....it felt really good.

He then asked me out on another date to watch a movie. I liked that he knew what he wanted to do instead of expecting me to plan it for him. We chose a movie to see together. I liked that too. I chose 3 and he picked from them. I was happy too because his choice was my first choice (Sandra Bullock in All About Steve). Then he drove me back to my car.

We talked for a few minutes and I determined he could pick me up for our date. We exchanged business cards so I could give him directions. Then he actually asked if it was ok to kiss me. I was hoping he would and told him so. I can't tell you how refreshing this was. There was no ackward positioning because you didn't see it coming or any embarrassment over waiting for something that never did. It was a really good first kiss. Romantic and sweet with a hint of a passionate nature. He didn't try to strangle me with his tongue....but he made sure he knew what my lips tasted like. I liked it alot.

After I left his car and returned to mine, he made sure I was ok with him leaving. Chilvary really isn't dead. I smiled the whole drive home. Hopeful and pleased. He also did not call me while I was driving. I like that too because it is very dangerous, most guys don't even take that into consideration. Again with the chilvary.

I feel good about the whole experience and can't wait to go out with him again.

That is how to do a first date right. Be a gentleman, but be strong. Have your own ideas and voice. Show us who you really are, but be interested in us too. A peek into your soul and a cuddle later.

Leave us wanting. Half the fun of romance is the anticipation.

I don't know how much the date cost him, some gas and Logans (which is a great first date place) for dinner. It made him appear like a million bucks to me though.

It was real and geared specifically for us to get to know each other not to *do* each other. You can feel free to use this as a plan if you want. I don't think he'd mind.

Trust me....it impresses the girls.

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miss alaineus said...

my first date with mr. mischief was hiking a nature preserve and then coney island. he had very good manners!

i am so excited for you to have a second date! keep us posted!