Sometimes it just doesn't work out when it should

I did go out with Tall & handsome again. The second date was just as delightful as the first. Perfect. We are perfect companions. We agreed to a tenative 3rd date and I was supposed to contact him or he me...

We both froze.

I'm kind of glad he did because I didn't want to reject him.

He is perfect. He should be my perfect match and I his. It was too perfect.

I would have suggested friendship but he's not looking for friends. I'm sure he has plenty as do I (but of course I'm kind of greedy in the friend department).

So about 3 or 4 days after I was trying to force myself to call him. I was already coming down with the cold I am now suffering from and I realized we both deserved more and I didn't call. I can almost see the poor guy going through the same thing and being worried over whether or not I would be hurt and then shrugging it off just like I did.

That's not going to happen to us. We are both confident and realistic. That was a week ago.

I hope to run into him again someday. I hope he is with a beautiful and sometimes annoying woman who can rub him wrong and then rub him right again.

Too much agreement is not a good thing....we were perfect for each other though... How boring is that? Perfect does not equate with passion. You need a spark for passion. A rub to light the fire. Wind to fan the flames. Fuel for desire.

I don't want Mr. Right.

I'm still looking for Mr. Notquite Rightinthehead.

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miss alaineus said...

the guy i was interested in before i met mr. m was seeming perfect but that essential spark just wasnt there, i so know what you mean tressa.

keep fishing!