It takes all kinds

People judge you by the company you keep.

Sometimes I wonder what people think of me and sometimes (like when they find out that I am friends with a couple criminal lawyers), I'm not left wondering long.

Why do people feel they have a right to judge another's judgement? In addition to lawyers and people of all religions, professions, and colors of skin, and in addition to my normal people and professional associates, I have friends who are homeless, have facial piercings, are gay or bisexual and even one who has been committed a couple of times. She's fine when she isn't crazy. Some of the people I mention have or have had problems with drugs and alcohol.

I don't hang out with them all at once....most of my friendships are one on one.

People like me and Iike them. I have a rather famous if distant cousin who was often quoted as never having met a man he didn't like. I get that.

Sometimes I think of my funeral, and I giggle. It ought to be a pretty good show.

I wish I could live to see it.


Donna said...

Can I come?

Lille Diane said...

Me too? I have the same group of friends... Are you sure we aren't related??? Or live in the same hood?? LOL Nice post, Tressa~