Other Blogger's Christmas spirit.

I have to give the usual *Not always for Christian or Children's eyes* warning here. Yep I do like some offensive stuff....but if you are at my blog, you know you (even if secretly) enjoy some of it too....and basically it is pretty tame.

Some of it is just sweet too.

Here are my HO HO HO s, HA HA HA s, and AHHHHHH how sweet! s, for today!

(hilarious 12 days of Christmas post above, if you check her site out you'll find some other song remakes, some are more melancholy than funny though....still a talented lady)

(She even finds hope in sadness....)

She knows how to keep that Christmas spirit all the time, but this months entries are full of christmas LOVE.

All her Christmas energy is wearing me out! My goodness I feel soooooooo inferior!

Real Christmas Spirit is found here too.

He's sarcastic...but he has a soft and squishy center.

writing about a real, honest to goodness, Christmas miracle that just happened to her family.

That should get you surfing....

Enjoy Christmas!

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