Have you ever done something out of character just to prove you can? Just to prove you are as *insert your own missing character trait here* as someone else is or hinted you are not? Just to prove to yourself that you are something or someone you don't even care to be? Have you ever done the wrong thing or said the mean thing just because you could?

I did this morning. More than one thing.

I don't know why. I am not that person. I don't want to be that person.

So now the thing is what does one do when they wish they could turn back the clock?

Take back that word you wish you'd left unsaid....or breathe life into the words you couldn't find.

Take back that action that you are ashamed you did....or do the one you should have instead.

Take care of the problem you wish you hadn't have ignored....or let something go that really didn't matter.

Normally I try not to regret things.

I can't help but regret this time.

This time I wasn't the only one I let down.

Tomorrow though is a new day again and a new start.

Tomorrow I am going to be me.

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