Still Not *Getting Any*

I've noticed that when a man can't give me what I want, he tends to hide from me. You know, like not showing up and not returning calls. Been through this too many times before. I'm getting real tired of it.

A broken promise is a solemn lie. I hate when a guy makes me promises.....

Something almost always happens.....

I don't believe in somethings. I think if you really want to be with someone you will be. I think that if you really want to have something.... then obstacles are just things you climb over.

I believe in making life happen and not letting it happen to me.

It only takes a couple disappointments before I end a relationship. Cut all ties. I can't be friends with a guy when I want more. Its stupid to even try. I am tired of playing catch me if you can. I'm just not that sophisticated. I don't even want to be.

I don't want to have love and affection only sometimes.

All or nothing at all.

He either wants to be with me or he doesn't.

So basically I'm of the belief that guys need to shit or get off the pot.

Unfortunately, I'm also in the mood to *get some*.

I've been trying to hold out but that side of me is having a major breakdown these days.

I am definitely not meant to be alone. I wish I was the type who could do *it* without emotional involvement.

Maybe that is where my problem lays.

My physical needs are demanding to be met and my emotional needs won't let them. I'm starving inside.

I want real life. Good or bad

I want someone who is here when I need a shoulder and who turns to me when they need whatever. I want the give and take.

I want the whispers in the middle of the night and conversation over coffee.

I want to do things with someone. I'm tired of attending parties and events with my family or girlfriends.

I want to have sex in the worst freaking way too.

I'm just tired of being alone. I don't do it well.

Did I mention I'm not getting any younger today?

Did I mention life is moving on and I'm tired of standing still?

Did I mention I don't sleep much?

I have real choices. There are even a couple of guys I've met through work who would love to go out with me and have asked me. I just don't date guys I work with or for. Maybe that is a stupid rule. I don't know.

We won't go into the *friends* who want to move up in the ranks. My ego has been fed enough.

Maybe I just want what I can't have.

I hate to think I am that self destructive. I have to wonder though.

I don't want to spend another New Years Eve without a kiss.

Y'know I've never had one...a New Year's kiss.

My husbands all left me home with the kids and partied alone.....

Everytime I see that movie *When Harry met Sally* I want to cry.

It sucks to be without a life partner.

It sucks even worse to be with one who doesn't want to be with you....for whatever reasons.

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