The ABC's of Mr. Not Quite Right in the Head

Someone asked me today what I wanted in a man. Truth is I want it all. I'm a greedy little bitch sometimes. I like to say I want to find a caveman and dress him up in a suit. I want a really savage caveman too boot....and a fancy suit. Basically I want him to be the *MAN*. I know....I know....that is tres sexist of me. But lets just do my alphabet.... 
A is for Alpha Male. (I want a man, not a boy, and I want THE man, not a man) 
B is for Boyish. (one should never lose the part of themself that plays) 
C is for Crazy. (about me and a little nuttiness makes everyone more fun) 
D is for Dominant. (I'm old fashioned, and also its a sexual quirk)
E is for Energetic (He's going to need it!). (I may be older but I'm not dead yet) 
F is for Friend. (Can't love someone if you don't like someone first) 
G is for Goofy. (laughter is a wonderful thing) 
H is for Human. (you would be surprised how many people lose their humanity by my age) 
I is for Incorrigible. (I enjoy people who live life on their own terms) 
J is for Jovial. (I like likable people best) 
K is for Kind. (There is never a good excuse to be unkind) 
L is for Large. (I don't see how I could feel dominated by a smaller man...he just has to be taller than me...I don't want to look down on him) 
M is for Masculine. (I like men with all the usual good and bad qualities, if I wanted someone who with my own traits I would be a lesbian) 
N is for Naughty. (Yes!!! Shock me! Make me blush! Tease me about how you will please me! Make me admit I like it...) 
O is for Optimistic. (its better to be happy than not, its better to have hope than suffer despair) 
P is for Possessive. (I want to be HIS, I am not talking stalking or jealous rages, but if he doesn't mind when some other guy tries to move in on his territory he is not going to be man enough for me) 
Q is for Questioning. (I love curious people....male and female.) 
R is for Rowdy. (Movers and shakers well...they move and shake me!
S is for Sexy. (I'm not talking looks...I'm talking attitude. I'm not going to complain that's alllll you think about....unless you aren't doing enough acting on those thoughts... ) 
T is for Teasing. (Know me well and let me know it....and let me know you too. ) 
U is for Unusual. (Average is for Average, I want someone who thinks outside of the box and lives a real life, not the one everyone thinks he should.) 
V is for Virile. (Sex is part of love. I want it all, and lots of it.) 
W is for Wild. (I want your raw emotion, I don't want you to be civilized with me, I want to have access to all your passions. ) 
X is for X-rated. (I may not share, but I'm willing to give YOU everything I've got. ) 
Y is for Yummy. (I want to taste your kisses and your skin.) 
Z is for Zainy. (Lets tickle, lets crash a party and dance the night away....Lets go for a ride and make out in a corn field...Build me a snow couple! I want to play!)

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