Internet Friendships and Relationships

My life is full of people that I don’t have time to know. People used to make time to get to know each other. I wish it were still so. I’ve made a lot of friends online, some I’ve actually developed *real-life* relationships with too. It seems easier to find people of similar interests. Certainly googling *bloggers* is a whole lot easier than shouting out to strangers on the street *Hey!!!! Ya wanna chat a bit?!?!*. Not to mention that could get me arrested. As a single working mother, I meet most of the men I’ve dated, initially, through this medium. I am one of those who will not go into a bar alone, and after more than a dozen years of working as the secretary for criminal attorneys, I like to get some information about men before I actually let them know where they can meet me for lunch. It’s always nice to come home in one piece. I know I could be wrong one day, but hopefully there will be enough information on my hard drive so that my family can hunt the bastard down and do what red-necks do when someone hurts their own. But I’m digressing ...... The internet is a wonderful thing. It makes the World a small place. It makes us feel as if we truly know people we’ve never even met. Telephones are great too. You can learn a lot about a person just by talking. BUT......... Nothing is the same as seeing whether a person smiles with their eyes when they smile with their mouth. Your eyes can tell you when someone’s words don’t match their emotions. You can see a person's confidence in the way they stand. You can see a person's life on their hands and face. You can't feel the *chemistry* until you are close enough to smell the pheromones. You can't touch on the phone or through a keyboard. You definitely cannot share a hug or a kiss. I love technology....but I also love real life. I love the freedom of movement in cyberspace.... But...... I need to walk on solid ground.

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