A Relationship Contract

I wish that every relationship actually was a contractual covenant...with the why's and wherefores and henceforths all spelled out in painful half-latin legalese with fine print and signatures on every page....

I understand agreements and contracts. I love rules that can’t be broken.

I’d insist that there was stuff in it like "Must audibly say "I love you" twice everyday." "Must develop real relationships with each other’s children" "He will inflate the tires and she will do the dishes regularly" "Sexual relations to occur at least once per day and to include this that and the other thing," We could spell out Kitchen rules and that grown children should grow up. Itemize our demands for child care duties and holiday entertaining. Divide the family obligations. Define boundaries. Set out Barbecue rules. Determine whether we buy Miracle Whip or Hellman's......

I’m sure you have the gist of it.

I used to believe in fairy tales....but I grew up.

I wish I were a child again. There were rules.

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